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Yeshiva Tzvia in Ashkelon (2011)

The plot given by the city of Ashkelon to build the Tzvia Yeshiva is large, flat and doesn't present any difficulty for any proposal we might come up with. For this we had the luxury of being able to concentrate on the program of the school. Today shelters must be very close to home classrooms, and they have double uses as laboratories or technology classes. Therefore our plan presents a mixture of home classes and specialized ones, different from schools we have planned before. On the other hand the program shows a need of building the in stages: for budget reasons, and for the users to grow into it. Stage A has the seventh and eighth grades, Stage B the ninth and tenth, etc. Our proposal shows each stage as "stripes" of two floors, piercing into an arch of common functions: the administration, the library, the prayer room and storage.


Architects: Joyce Oron, Eshed Yuval Levy.

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