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Joyce oron Architect

Inaugurated: 1985


Specializes in:

                        Public Buildings

   Housing Projects                        

                        Urban Planning



                        Community Centers

                        Health Facilities 


                        Sports Halls and Facilities

                        Office Buildings



                        The Uri Eliav Theater in Ashkelon (first prize)

                        The Wolfson Community Center in Holon (first prize)

                        The Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem

                        The Haifa City Library

                        Ramot Hefer School, Emek Hefer

                        The City Library and Conservatorium in Petach Tikva

                        Three Housing Towers in Petach Tikva



                 Main Architect of Beit Berl (1985-1987)

                 Consultant Architect for the Ministry of Education (2003-2005)

                 Consultant Architect for the Ministry of Defense (2003-today)


Academic Activities:

Guest professor at the Faculty of Architecture in the                                          Technion, Haifa (1996-today) 

Guest professor at the Faculty of Architecture in the                                          University of Tel Aviv (2001-today)




"Is There a Feminine Architecture?"


Association of Architects (1999, 2007)   

"UIA2005Istanbul", the Association of Architects (2005)



UIFA Congress, Toulouse, France (2004)

UIA Congress, Istanbul, Turkey (2005)




                     In Israel: "Merhav 2002", the Association of Architects

                                    "Merhav 2003", the Association of Architects

                                    "Architects draw Bauhaus" (2005)

                                    "Ot Haitzuv" Shalom Tower (2006)

    "The Feminine Presence", the Association of                                                         Architects (2007)

                                    "Ot Haitzuv" Wohl Center, Bar Ilan University (2007)

                                    "Archiart 2" The Migdalor Gallery (2007)   


                    Abroad:    UIFA Exposition, Toulouse, France (2004)

                                     UIA Exposition, Istanbul, Turkey (2005)





Written literature:

"The Education City-Decision Considerations" for the                                        Institution of the Development of Education Facilities (1998)

"Decision Considerations for School Planning for the                                          Ministry of Education" (in process)

"Joyce Oron- Architecture and Town Planning" (2009)

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