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The Family Health Station, Modi´in (1994-1995)


The design language of the Family Health Station is based on four pure geometrical shapes, cutting into each other: the 'square' (the multipurpose hall), the 'rectangle' (the clinics), the 'circle' (the entrance hall), and the 'line' (the wall cutting through the building forming the entrance).  The compositions of the shapes create contrasts that build up the artistic equilibrium in the building.

The wall transforms from a row of columns to a perforated wall, ending in total opaqueness. The top of the wall is slanted, creating a dynamic skyline that contrasts the other, perpendicular lines of the building. The wall and the entry arch are in 'semi-pastel' colors contrasting the 'neutral' ones, of the buildings' stone walls, reminding us that the building users are actually children.

The building was awarded the title of "Beautiful Building" by the Local Council of Modi'in.

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