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Religious Women Community Center

Yavne (2012-2016)

The Religious Women Community Center in Yavne is a building for social encounter, consisting of a large hall for prayer and activities, and smaller rooms for activities of smaller groups. The plan consists of two parts: the smaller rooms are an "L" shaped section around an inner patio, whether the hall closes the remaining side. The areas between the two parts are planned as entrances to the building. The facades of the section of the smaller rooms are very sculptural.


Its windows are submerged into concrete pyramids that create an illusion that the windows direct in different angles. This section's facades are covered with stone, and the pyramids are covered with plaster, In contrast to this, the other section has large openings, and matches the other section by being totally covered with plaster of the same type and color as the pyramids.


Architects: Joyce Oron, Tahel Eizenberg, Itai Belinkov, Amit Mozes.

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