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The Brainen Reuben Kindergarten in Geha Hospital (1988-1994)

The Kindergarten in the Geha Psychiatric Hospital is the first of its kind in Israel. It has been constructed with the idea of helping children with psychiatric problems continue their studies with regular children, while participating in this special kindergarten program a couple of days weekly.

The plans were based on the program of a regular Kindergarten, but many of their elements had to go through adaptation and modification due to the particular needs of the children. One example is the design of the "Chat-Corner". In a regular kindergarten this corner is situated in the middle of the classroom, however, to minimize distractions, we proposed a closed cylinder to encircle the corner and to be wrapped around the children.

A second example is the 'play-corners': these corners mustn't be hidden from the teacher's sight. This is why they were designed as zigzag corners in the exterior wall, facing the center of the room. The play-corners contain cupboards designed like children's blocks. The cupboard, together with a 45 degree rotated window and a square shape on the floor form a composition and define the corner spatially.

Other special elements are the relaxing rooms and the occupational therapy room.        

Windows of various sizes and shapes accompany the different types of rooms they serve. The basic type of window is the square 45 degree rotated window. Bigger rooms have bigger windows of the same type.

In summary, the appearance of the building attempts to express that these children not only deserve as much as a regular child, but even more, because they actually need much more.


Job architects: Hamutal Levi, Iris Lev

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