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Early Childhood Education Center Hadera


The project of the Early Childhood Education Center was planned in a young and developing neighborhood in Hadera to provide for the needs of the community. It contains a family health station for babies and other treatment facilities for young children to come to in the afternoons.

The curve entrance pathway to the building provides views towards the south façade and main entrance from different angles, as the observer walks alongside a big playground in the front. The lobby is in the middle of the building on a crossroad between the main axis of the building and the pathway above mentioned, and it divides the building in two parts: the family health center on one side, and the other treatment facilities on the other. In the lobby is a large play area enhanced by natural light. Another natural light feature is the windows above creating a rhythm of light in the ceiling along the main axis of the building.

The interior design color pallet consists of light colors and wood, creating a cozy atmosphere of warmth as the visitors play or receive treatment.


Architects in charge: Itai Belinkov and Michal Tuson.

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