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Civil Park, Petach-Tikva (1999)

Nowadays road number 40 cuts through the city of Petach Tikva, from north to south. However, future plans state that a new road 40 will pass to the East of the city, leaving a large, vacant plot of land. The plot, 400,000 sqm is the plot of our project. It is situated in close proximity to an army base, a fact that prevented its usage for housing. Therefore, the Municipality of Petach Tikva decided on a program containing a park with sport courts.

The plot is elongated, and therefore, we proposed a long pedestrian pathway stretching from north to south. The pathway is split into modules by perpendicular lanes with small red cubic structures at their ends, each used for a different purpose (a public toilet, a cafe, etc). In the modules we laid out the various parts of the program: 7 football courts, a stadium, athletic courts (running, long and high jumping), tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and baseball courts, skating rings, squash courts, a ceremony garden, and a small number of buildings: two schools, two community centers and two sport halls.

Along the pathway we planned piazzas for resting and social encounters. They are (from North to South): a panoramic piazza, a school and community center piazza, a stadium piazza, a ceremonial piazza, a skating piazza, a leisure piazza, a garden piazza and a second school and community center piazza.

The proposal which was submitted in 1999 was not yet realized, also waiting for the approval of the new road 40.

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