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Community Center for people with special needs in Beer sheva (2012)

Our guiding line planning this project is to combine users of the center as an integral part of the city of Beer Sheva, by creating a rich and varied complex with good orientation where everyone can feel secure in. The scheme consists of four buildings to be built in four different stages. Every stage has two branches embracing an inner patio. The fourth stage is a commercial building around a public piazza.

Connection with the city: The connection to the city is achieved by the project's main axis, also a strolling pathway for the city, connecting suburb 6 with the park of the "Australian Soldier". The project consists of several piazzas open to the public: the one of the first stage faces Aba Ahimeir road, and the one of the second stage faces the road in the back. In the last stage we create a commercial building with a public piazza for all the public to enjoy.

Topography:  A basic principal of the project is to respect the natural topography as is, keeping artificial landscaping to its minimum. We used natural differential levels as contours of intimate outdoor patios. The special needs: The entrance patio to the project is especially large for easy access with wheelchairs. All parts of the project are reached by ramps of a maximum slope of 6%.


Architect in charge: Itai Belinkov.

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